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Easily set up and start tracking your assets, fleet or personal vehicle in real-time with the complete vehicle tracking software and management solution.

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Manage your business with more accuracy with GPS Tracking

Other platforms will help you track your vehicles and assets. Ours gives you a complete management solution to improve operational efficiencies and support your company’s bottom-line.
It’s a tracking system that delivers better TOC, is easy to use and implement, and reduces costs. With a combination of GPS and LBS, you get the best of both worlds for navigation and tracking accuracy. is the robust and accurate asset and vehicle tracking technology to optimise and scale your business.

Real-Time GPS Tracking in HD
Locate and Track Vehicles on Demand with Full Accuracy

It’s more than just vehicle tracking. Maintain visibility and monitor vehicles, assets, and drivers with our fast and feature-rich GPS tracking map and platform. It provides all the tools for more efficient management of your fleet and the movement of high-value assets.

Get highly precise speed, coordinates, directions, no matter the location.

Detailed Trip Logs

Review routes, playback trips, locations and activities from recorded data stored for easy access.

On-Demand Tracking

Track your drivers and packages using our modern geolocation tracking and real-time updates.

Multiple Asset Tracking

Easily filter or cluster all the assets and objects you have tagged to your GPS tracking account.

Optimized Management

Plan routes and avoid high-traffic areas with 3600 street and building views to reduce time and costs.

Locate any asset or vehicle anywhere in the world with real-time tracking for both business and personal use.

Instant Telemetry Data

Monitor Vehicles and Assets Anytime, Anywhere – Within Seconds

Seconds matter when you’re moving high-value assets. Our unique platform and GPS tracker system ensure you can not only track but monitor your fleet and assets 24/7. Check locations and movements in real-time with On-Board Diagnostics (OBD2) and Controller Area Network (CAN) tools for superior self-diagnosis and communication.

Get notified about issues such as battery life, engine hours. Set optimised and secure routes and check if drivers are off route. If you’re shipping assets, see when container doors are opened, items moved.

With reliable monitoring and tracking, you can save time and reduce costs for goods and services.

Secured Geo-fence Zones

Set virtual barriers and notifications to restrict and monitor vehicle movement

Get an alarm each time a vehicle or asset is moved. This can act as an early warning system to prevent theft or loss of business assets, so you can respond faster in an emergency. Or, paired with your GPS location data, you can record time staff spend on sites and help you eliminate false claims, especially for fuel and overtime work.

The Customisable Platform for Your Business Needs

Become the proactive business that manages its operations efficiently with customisable notifications.

“The GPS Tracker Platform lets you configure settings for situations unique to your business.”

Set route parameters and get notified of deviations. Track entrance and exits with geofencing. Monitor if your drivers are driving responsibly using speed tracking and limit accidents from speeding. Track deliveries in real-time so you can improve customer service.

Manage your GPS devices remotely

CarTracker’s smart GPS devices are all preconfigured to plug and play. They also offer you more options for asset management and vehicle tracking.

The intuitive dashboard interface is easy to use and allows you to reconfigure your GPS devices remotely.

So, you can quickly connect them to your GPS Tracker Dashboard and easily adjust the settings remotely, even while the device is off or in transit.

Integrations for more functionality

Need to display tracking information on your site, social media page, or a software application? We offer easy-to-embed web plugins and API to facilitate quick display. Just embed the short and customisable HMTL code that we’ll provide. Plus, there is a wide range of API methods for integration or exchange of data between various applications.

Contact us to find out if your application can be supported.

Skip the guesswork and keep all your vehicles and assets on your radar at all times.

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