Field Service Management Using GPS Tracking

Increase business efficiency, empower your field staff, grow your business, and improve customer experience with our field service management software.

The Complete Tracking Solution for Optimised Workforce Management

This is the solution you’ve been waiting for. It will help you to effectively streamline your field operations while you improve your worker management on the ground. With our GPS Tracking and Fleet Management Systems, you can:

  • Quickly turn customer orders into clear tasks, easily assign them, and plan faster routes for delivery
  • Manage the workflow, so drivers aren’t overwhelmed while others are underutilised
  • Collect data on the go and update your systems in real-time
  • Benchmark results for future planning and optimisations
  • Reliably forecast trends for proper planning and better service
  • Lower costs, add revenue streams, and remove the complexity with industry-leading field service management software

Increase field service efficiency using real-time data


Make complex services simple from the first call to final sign off.
Give your customers a personalised, connected, and highly efficient service through effective and transparent field service management.

Get Precise Locations

Make it easier for supervisors to track field staff and their results. With GPS location tracking, you can check present and past reports on driver routes and behaviours. Using this data, you can plan for increased efficiencies, such as reducing employee downtime due to personal errands on the job.

Track work status

Make it easy for your field staff to update you on their progress and keep in touch with office operations. It’ll also allow you to determine which staff member you can call on for emergencies or rush orders.

Check-in for Proof of Visits

Protect your business and staff from unfounded claims of non-deliveries. This field management system allows your field staff to mark locations and capture images as proof of visits. You can also use it to track ETA, find evidence of late arrivals, and track performance over time. Employees can comment throughout their field duties on location and status updates.


Streamline Processes with Mobile Forms

Reduce the paperwork and adopt mobile forms for increased efficiencies. You can assign and review tasks as soon as they are filled in. This allows you to control and improve service quality, customer satisfaction, and employee performance.

Simplify Workflows and Automate Operations

Use the complete, connected field service management software to streamline your operations. When you do, you can accept more orders as your staff can complete the increased volume. Plus, you will reduce operating costs while increasing revenues.

Streamline Task Assignment

Dispatch jobs seamlessly to the right staff based on location, current workload, and skillset. Connect to third-party applications and your business CRMs to ensure integrations with all aspects of your business.

Enhance Workflows

Embrace the digital to-do list by turning their smartphone into a management device to organise, track and manage their workflow. Make sure you provide clear guidelines, instructions, tasks, and link to the relevant projects.

Improve Route Selection

Make it easier for your employees to spend more time with the customers than en route to them. The field management software automatically selects routes that optimise drive times based on the intended destinations of their assignments.

Reduce Overhead Costs

Reduce fuel and other fleet costs by analysing performance over time and making adjustments. You can also reduce over time with better route management.

Drive Agility and Growth with Improved Communication between Office and Field Teams

Smart communication is better communication. It reduces friction and communication problems between your field staff and office team.
It allows you to streamline data collection and improve efficiencies.

In-App Chat for Easier Staff Communication

Choose the safe and secured way to improve communication between staff. Reduce the need for back-and-forth phone calls and messengers. Instead, give your staff the better option of in-chat messaging to help them solve problems faster.

  • Facilitates safe driving as chats are read aloud
  • Shows delivery and read receipts for accountability
  • Conversations are kept secure within your business

Go Paperless

Reduce the need for paper forms with your digital solutions designed for field operations. No more wasting time filling out paper forms. Have forms pre-fill and reduce the time for review and sign-off. Plus, your systems get updated in seconds.

Improve job submission

Let staff attach files, images, docs, to support job completion without having to return to office and waste valuable time. Implement e-signatures and electronic Proof of Delivery.

Enhance customer service and retention

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty to your brand with better accessibility and improved communication.

Online delivery tracking

Allow customers to track deliveries and ETAs online without having to clog your phone lines asking for updates.


Field Operations Transparency

Improve business transparency and customer communication when you show your customers your field team on a single map.

Faster Order Management

Decrease turnaround time for order fulfilment with a seamless system from order placement to completion. Take orders on-site which are quickly transmitted to your back office for fast execution.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

You have a streamlined process. Now use the systems to exceed customer expectations through faster job fulfilment and ability to do more rush orders. Directly measure customer satisfaction through your mobile forms.

Track, analyse, and optimise your Field Services with Powerful Analytics

You get an intuitive dashboard and the ability to quickly summarise data into clear, compelling graphics, charts and tables. This helps you to analyse your business for strategic decision making.
You can improve forecasting, identify areas for improvement and make tactical plans to enhance your business operations.

Access Reports Quickly

Reports can be generated in seconds on any aspect of your field operations. Analyse field performance, expenses, customer visits. Visualise the data for easy interpretation and share with staff or management for quick review and planning.

Track KPIs

Boost employee productivity with better performance management and assessment. Benchmark qualitative and quantitative data to inform future processes. Track the key performance indicators of your field staff and supervisors.


Improve Finance Management

Use the data from your field team to inform your payroll and expense accounting. Easily track and classify trips according to private or business use. Analyse vehicle for mileage and fuel use for better recording by your accounts department.

Isn’t it time that you streamlined your field services?

Get better efficiencies, reduce expenses, and increase revenues? Try our 14-day free trial and see for yourself.