Improve Efficiencies with better Fleet Management Services


Reduce theft and accidents, increase productivity, and expand your business with the powerful fleet management solutions.


Advanced Fleet Management Solutions to Move Your Business Forward

Track vehicles in the field and improve worker productivity with CarTracker’s fleet management solution. It is the customisable GPS fleet management system for better fleet and employee monitoring.

  • Track all areas of your fleet with an intuitive dashboard and custom reports accessible anywhere, anytime
  • Reduce fuel and maintenance costs through improved monitoring
  • Track driver behaviour and limit accidents, idling, and speeding on the roads
  • Improve routing and despatch of vehicles for operational efficiencies with traffic and route planning, and journey playback

Complete Fleet Vehicle Tracking

It’s time to optimise your fleet and put your vehicle tracking technology to work for your business. Choose the better online fleet management platform that gives you 24/7 access all fleet data in one place using the CarTracker dashboard. Review real-time reports, data, and set parameters for vehicle operations and notifications.

Advanced Sensors

Keep updated on all important vehicle indicators for the individual vehicles in your fleet using state-of-the-art CAN and ODB2 tools. You can also check if any reporting tools have been turned off.

Live Mobile DVR

Increase the accountability of your drivers with inside and outside video recording. Track routes, driver behavior, and make adjustments in real-time with the traffic and driving data at hand.

Instant Alerts

Never miss an important alert for the security, upkeep, and maintenance of your fleet. Schedule reminders for maintenance checks, track diagnostic reports or set DTC and other key parameters.

Reduce Operating Expenses with Better Fuel Management

Eliminate unexplained fuel fluctuations. Keep fuel use and costs under control with the detailed CarTracker GPS tracking and fleet management platform. Start monitoring your fleet’s fuel use and prevent fuel thefts or misuse.

  • Track fuel use: Install fuel sensors that measure your fuel levels and provide detailed reports on consumption per driver and vehicle using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology and other innovative solutions.
  • Prevent fuel theft: Instant alerts notify you if there’s a sudden drop in fuel levels. This prevents draining and fuel theft from company vehicles.
  • Keep track of your usage: Generate detailed reports to help make strategic business decisions such as fuel use, preferred suppliers, driver efficiency, and more.

Manage Fleet Drivers Through their Driver Journal

Improve driver efficiencies and driving habits while reducing your overheads and operating costs. Track driving history and habits of your drivers for better and increase productivity among your drivers.

Review Trip Log data in the Driver Journal section of your online dashboard. The Driver Journal provides a comprehensive account of each driver’s activities on the road. It’s easy to use, and the drag-and-drop functionality allows you to quickly sort the data and provide a big picture overview of each of your drivers.

The highly user-friendly interface allows you to track each trip and provides information such as Employee Name, Date and Time of the Trip, Mileage, Location, Odometer readings. With this much detail, you can track and limit private errands during shift or facilitate claims for reimbursements for business travel.

Business Trip Tracking

Effectively track business trips to facilitate better filings and accounting for costs for tax purposes.

Private Trip Tracking

Improve staff accountability by limiting private trips with company vehicles on company time.

Data Access in seconds

New and past trips are logged automatically and easily accessible. Review and sort using GPS tracking.

Manage Driver Behaviour with Better Fleet Oversight

Use your CarTracker platform to monitor drivers on the road in real-time and past driving activities. You can set parameters for driving that provide instant notifications if they are violated. You can even improve driver morale with performance-based incentives tied to their weekly driving reports.

  • Speeding: See if your drivers are speeding to take action so you can reduce fuel consumption and limit the possibilities for accidents. This is for their safety as well as your business insurance.
  • Careless Driving: Monitor how your drivers act on the road. Do they have a history of fast acceleration, hard braking and careless cornering? Track and act as this can prevent serious accidents.
  • Excessive Idling: Improve vehicle performance and extend your engine lifetime with better monitoring for excessive idle periods which impact your fuel use.

Streamline Fleet Operating Expenses through Proper Maintenance

No fleet management system is complete without a proven system of managing vehicle maintenance. So, keep your vehicles in top condition without the hassle and schedule servicing and maintenance in advance. This allows you to manage your cashflow by anticipating maintenance needs. You also save time and money by reducing unexpected downtime from vehicle breakdowns.

  • Schedule servicing: Use the platform to set servicing dates for each vehicle based on their mileage, engine hours, and last maintenance.
  • Manage the maintenance process: Review online, save and email, or print planned vehicle servicing using different classification methods unique to your business (e.g. fuel type, departments).
  • Get timely reminders: No need to worry about setting other reminders or using physical journals. Your CarTracker dashboard comes with built-in notifications to help you stay on track. Choose push notifications, emails, or SMS text for your notification.

Increase Efficiencies with Better Route Planning and Management

It’s a bad business day when your vehicles get caught in traffic or detours. Other tools, like that map app’ aren’t always reliable either. You want a solution designed for fleets, that’s accurate, and works when you need it to.

  • Plan Faster Routes: Use our GPS tracking platform for fast, automatic route planning that reduces drive time. It quickly adapts to traffic conditions and re-routes with ease.
  • Better ETA Notifications: With real-time tracking, you can get notified if your drivers are re-routed so you can inform your clients of the new ETA and improve customer service.
  • Track Route Deviations: Notifications also allow you to determine if deviations are based on traffic or road conditions, or personal detours.

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